Why We're Different

Waugh Grant is different by design — not by happenstance. Christian Waugh, founder of the firm, sets a high bar for both the quality of our legal services and our attentiveness to clients. We provide top-notch, cost-effective services at reasonable prices, accompanied by superior client service. Our traditional approach to practice, the scope and depth of our services, and the dynamism of our firm are the intrinsic qualities that set us apart.

A Modern Law Firm with a Traditional Approach to Practicing Law

We are an earnestly modern law firm. On-going investment in our infrastructure provides our team with state-of-the-art technology, which enables us to work more efficiently and provide reasonably priced services for our clients. Within that high-tech framework, our approach to practicing law is traditional. Our attorneys are generalists, who provide transactional counsel and litigation representation across a broad range of substantive areas.

We are akin to the small-town lawyers of mid-twentieth century America who served all the legal needs of every client. Those attorneys all but disappeared when specialization took over the legal profession in the latter decades of the last century. Waugh Grant embraces that time-honored practice model.

Our clients are as diverse as our practice. We provide legal services to businesses and individuals. Our business clients operate in many different industries and markets and include large international corporations, as well as small mom-and-pop ventures.

Our Singular Personality and Culture

The first thing to know about Christian Waugh is that he appreciates and incorporates the ideals of Star Trek into his life and work. It is not a coincidence that Christian’s aspiration in his practice is the same as Starfleet’s mission to “boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Christian is a passionate attorney. His spirited personality attracts people, but his empathy, intuition, and uncommon devotion to the law (and life) help him understand all aspects of the legal galaxy with his clients. Similarly, Christian’s extensive experience and well-known legal skills enable him to address any concern or need that arises for a client.

The bedrock legal principles of fairness and justice are Christian’s guiding precepts for the firm. Integrity and candor are crucial underpinnings for every matter we handle. Our client relationships are built solidly on sincere mutual respect and trust.

The Depth and Breadth of Our Practice

Our practice at Waugh Grant is distinctive in two different respects. First, we provide services across a comprehensive array of substantive law areas. We handle matters ranging from real estate and local government law to all types of business and corporate concerns and estate planning — and more.

Equally notable is the fact that we handle litigation and court appeals in addition to transactional matters. Many lawyers concentrate their practices on just one type of work to the exclusion of others. So, if litigation arises during a transactional matter, the lawyer must refer the client to a different attorney who handles litigation. In our case, no referral is necessary. In fact, Waugh Grant receives many litigation referrals from transactional lawyers.

We recognize that each type of legal work requires a special set of skills. Christian Waugh’s achievements throughout the decade of his legal practice demonstrate his extraordinary insight into the fundamental keys to success in transactions, trials, and appeals.

The range and versatility of our proficiency are a substantial benefit to every client. Even if litigation doesn’t arise in a transaction, our litigation experience informs us about how to navigate through a transaction skillfully, in a way that avoids a court action. Similarly, our transactional experience is an advantage in trial and appellate litigation, because we understand first-hand how legal disputes can arise in an interaction.

Proof of Our Success

Our approach and philosophy resonate with our clients and our colleagues in the legal profession. Proof of our success lies in the fact that most of our clients come to us through referrals of current or previous clients or other attorneys. Our long-term relationships with many clients also attest to the confidence and trust that our uncommon approach to practicing law instills in our clients.

More About Us

We invite you to learn more about our team and our practice or schedule a consultation to talk with us by calling 321-800-6008 or using our online contact form.

Meet Our Team

Christian W. Waugh's Profile Image
Christian’s practice includes litigation, appeals, real estate, government and municipal law, and a full range of business law matters. He is Board Certified in Real Estate Law.
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Gerrard L. Grant's Profile Image
Gerrard’s practice includes corporate and business law, tax and tax controversies, wills, trust, and estates, and outside general counsel services. He is Board Certified in Tax Law.
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Morgan Fayocavitz's Profile Image
Morgan is an associate attorney who focuses her practice primarily on litigation, estate planning, probate, real estate, and municipal law.
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