Looking to Start a Not-For-Profit Organization and obtain Tax-Exempt Status? (Here is What you Need to Know)

At Waugh Grant, we frequently receive inquiries and questions from individuals and organizations about steps involved to form a not-for-profit organization (an “NPO”) and obtain tax-exempt status. Both undertakings can be overwhelming as there ar… Read More

The ABCs of Buying and Selling a Business

Buying and selling a business can be a stressful undertaking to manage without the help of an experienced professional. There are many details to consider and the attorneys at Waugh Grant can help you navigate through this process to avoid costly mis… Read More

What is a Conservatorship?

Conservatorships have become a popular topic in recent months as pop star Britney Spears has spoken publicly about her desire to end her conservatorship. Since conservatorships have not been a common topic in years past, some people may be wondering… Read More

Common Pitfalls to Avoid with Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can provide a person and their family with peace of mind and security, albeit it can be overwhelming due to the many decisions involved and complex federal and state laws surrounding this topic. Additionally, overlooking critic… Read More

Roll-Up Mergers 101

What is a Roll-Up Merger? A Roll-Up merger, otherwise known as a “Roll-Up”, is a business strategy that involves the purchase of multiple companies with the intention of combining them into a larger company. Oftentimes, Roll-Ups are conducted in… Read More

Is There a Right Way to Handle an IRS Notice?

The short answer is YES! Though many tax practitioners have different approaches when dealing with the IRS, one thing they probably agree on is that not properly handling an IRS notice in a timely manner, especially when there is a deadline, can be c… Read More

Florida Adopts Federal Summary Judgement Rule

A summary judgment is a judgment made in court for or against a party without a full trial or jury; either the defendant or the plaintiff can make a pre-trial motion for a summary judgment. Summary judgment is granted when the judge believes they hav… Read More

Qualified Opportunity Zones - What's all the Hype About?

Qualified Opportunity Zones (“QOZs”) present a unique opportunity for investors with capital gains and qualified 1231 gains (hereinafter “Eligible Gains”) seeking to defer payment of tax on Eligible Gains and sourcing investment opportunities… Read More

Trustees Beware: Paying Attorney Bills without Permission

Even the most experienced probate litigators can sometimes be caught unawares but new laws that have been passed. Litigation is not infrequently referred to as warfare by other means, and, if it is, then there are many mines for the unwary General an… Read More

Alert: Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal Unwritten Requirement for Dismissal

Most appellate attorneys are aware that there are many potential ways to get tripped up on an appeal. Those attorneys know that most of the hurdles occur in the beginning: making sure the record on appeal is delivered, getting proper clerk’s certif… Read More
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