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Melody Odemis

Melody Odemis joined Waugh Grant in October 2020 as a paralegal. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Management from Seminole State College. Her next endeavor is to become a NALA certified and Florida Registered Paralegal… Read More
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Ranuka “Rose” Wood

Phone: 321-800-6008
Ms. Ranuka Wood is known as The Fixer at Waugh Grant, because she maintains contact with clients and keeps the trains running on time. Rose’s wide and extensive history helps her facilitate these objectives and perform essential paralegal work for… Read More
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Christian’s practice includes litigation, appeals, real estate, government and municipal law, and a full range of business law matters. He is Board Certified in Real Estate Law.
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Gerrard’s practice includes corporate and business law, tax and tax controversies, wills, trust, and estates, and outside general counsel services. He is Board Certified in Tax Law.
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